Timeless Gift Ideas For Mom

Mother's Day is less than a week away! As much as mom always says 'You don't have to get me anything!', we all know the truth: mom deserves something special! The women who have helped to shape us deserve to be shown our love and admiration more than just once a year, but Mother's Day... Continue Reading →

Dress The Size You ARE

Let's go ahead and get one thing straight: YOU ARE PERFECT! At any given time, you are YOU and you are perfect just the way you are. Whether you feel strong, weak, broken, energized, or anything in between you are your version of "perfect" at any given time. With that said, when it comes to... Continue Reading →

New Year = New Goals!

I love setting goals for myself. They drive me and give me a sense of accomplishment when I achieve them. The New Year is always a perfect excuse to set new goals for yourself for the upcoming calendar year. And why not set a big goal! You have a whole year to chip away at... Continue Reading →

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