Our Very First Home Build Update!

I am so excited to be sharing the process of our home build with you all! We had an amazing weekend starting with a design meeting on Friday to pick out everything for the house! Needless to say, spending a few hours in a design studio was a dream come true. We were surrounded by... Continue Reading →

What I’m Reading…This Year

This year, I set a reading goal for myself of 8 book. Not too crazy, right? Especially since I read 40 in 2018! I've lowered my reading goal for this 2020 since over the past year I have found myself dedicating less time to reading and more time to other pursuits in life. Even though... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday To Me!

As many of you know, I am a big proponent of taking time to connect with yourself; taking 'me' time. In the last few years, I have started to use my birthday as a way to really take that to the next level. This past Sunday, I celebrated my 32nd birthday! While that may not... Continue Reading →

Adventures In WonderWonder-Land

Last night I went on adventures in Wonderland! Or at least adventures at Oak Park Mall's Wonder Wonder and that may as well be one and the same. Wonder Wonder is an art installation experience with different rooms that each showcase a different theme, light installation, or artwork and is fun for everyone from the... Continue Reading →

Update: 2020 Goals

We're just over 3 weeks into 2020 already! As the end of January gets closer, it is a good time to sit down and think about the goals you have set for this year. (If you haven't done some goal-setting for yourself in a while, just remember that New Year's isn't the only time you... Continue Reading →

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