Fashion Documentary And Chill

When I get one of those rare weekends with no plans, I love to take time to just chill out on the couch. One of my favorite things to do on these rare occasions is to watch my favorite fashion movies. Most are documentaries, but don't let that deter you! If you love any facet... Continue Reading →

The Easiest Storage Solutions

There is something about the impending New Year that makes me want to get my life reorganized. New Year New Me-mentality! I recently looked around my house and saw different spots that I had been putting off dealing with. They weren't terrible, just not set up in the best way for me to actually use... Continue Reading →

Filter Vs Reality

Today was a reminder to me of the 'filter' vs reality. I work in a Monday to Friday position as a leader within a large insurance organization and today I was in a day-long meeting the rest of my leadership team. I knew going into today that the meeting was going to be dedicated to... Continue Reading →

Weekend Update

It's 3pm when I'm writing this and I have no shame for the fact that I'm in the sweats I put on at 7am (no bra) and have been pretty much glued to Flea Market Flip all day while I have been researching spots in NYC to visit. That's right! This girl just booked herself... Continue Reading →

About Last Night…

Being back in Kansas City with friends and family has positively impacted both mine and my husband's lives and well-beings tremendously. Living in Texas was an amazing adventure that made us realize how much life there is to live and how much exploring you can do in the city you live in. Austin, TX gave... Continue Reading →

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