What I’m Reading Now: November/December

November 23, 2020

Y’ALL! If you haven’t heard or taken my advice to pick up a book of Sophie Kinsella’s before, NOW IS THE TIME. Her latest novel, Love Your Life, was recently released and is everything I needed to get me through 2020. Sophie Kinsella is the author of the Shopaholic series among other novels. What is so great about them is just how relatable her characters…

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It’s A Very Etsy Christmas

November 15, 2020

It goes without saying that I love a graphic tee or sweatshirt. So it should be no surprise that I ramp that up for the holidays. Etsy makes it so easy, too! They have incredible holiday gear for to keep you and your home cozy and festive. Here is a roundup of my favorites: Farm Fresh Christmas Trees Sweatshirt If red isn’t your color, don’t…

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How To Shop Amazon Without Buyer’s Remorse

November 11, 2020

Ever bought something online, and specifically from Amazon, that arrived only to disappoint you? I have been there, too! Reading Reviews Don’t take reviews at face value, but do pay attention to them! I will only buy something on Amazon if it is rated 4 stars or higher and has a sizing chart available that I can use to make sure I am buying the…

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Make Your Thanksgiving Cute! (It Really Can Be, I Promise)

November 6, 2020

Of all the holidays, I feel like Thanksgiving gets the short end of the stick with the cuteness. There are lots of cute things for kiddos, but what about for the grown up kids (eh hem, aka adults)? Christmas and Halloween have graphic tees and decor everywhere you look, but we almost forget to put Thanksgiving in the mix. Because of that, Thanksgiving is definitely…

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Fall Amazon Haul

November 4, 2020

I’m a fairly regular Amazon shopper, if you all haven’t been able to tell yet. But my obsessive online shopping is your gain because I’m sharing all of my recent Amazon purchases with you this fall! These are the items I have ordered and tried for the last few weeks to make sure I really love them before sharing with you. Book & iPad Stand…

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Halloween At Home

October 31, 2020

No one could have foreseen COVID hitting the U.S. in the way that it has or for as long. The holidays are coming and many of us are still not in a place where the usual parties or social activities are an option given the need for masks and social distancing. On the bright side, masks are already a big part of Halloween costumes! So…

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Classic (Family Friendly) Halloween Movies To Binge This Weekend

October 23, 2020

Every year when fall rolls around I get so excited to break out some old favorites from the movie vault for Halloween. I am not a scary movie person at all, so I head to the films I grew up on as a kid! Whether you watch them every year (like I do) or haven’t watched them since you were five, these movies are sure…

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Stacks On Stacks: My 3 Go-To Fashion Jewelry Sites

October 16, 2020

Bracelets have become the piece of jewelry I gravitate to the most in recent months. Finding just the right pieces that are affordable without looking cheap or being made of cheap materials while still being chic can be tough. I have found a few brands that are now go-to’s when I want to up my arm candy game. Whether you’re after a style that imitates…

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Everything You Need From Etsy To Have A Stylish Halloween

October 13, 2020

This year, Etsy sellers have upped their Halloween game! The site is packed with everything from clothing to decor for fall. I’ve pulled together some of my favorites and the reviews speak for themselves. This list has no tricks, just treats! Hey There, Pumpkin Door Mat  I need this for my new house! How perfect would this look with a buffalo plaid door mat layered…

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New “Guilty” Pleasure: Emily In Paris

October 10, 2020

Vogue and the rest of the bougie fashion industry can called Netflix’s Emily In Paris “cliché” and whatever else they want, but I’m 100% loving it and counting down until a second season drops. I’ve only binged only a handful of shows and this was definitely one of them (along with The Home Edit that came out recently but that’s a whole other obsession). The…

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