Cozy December Target Haul

With the month only just begun and all the holiday deals, I know this will not be everything I pick up from Target in December. This haul is a great cozy collection of items to grab now to spoil yourself or someone else! Oversized Sweatshirt I’m living in this now. I may not wear anything... Continue Reading →

Life Update: The Little Things

You can find my mirrored sunglasses here. The last few months have been...a lot. If you have followed me on Instagram, you may have seen my updates about about the insane number of tests I’ve done to finally have a diagnosis for the intense facial pain and headaches I deal with. Turns out I have... Continue Reading →

Men’s Wardrobe-Building Simplified

I really think a lot of the same things I post for women in terms of building a wardrobe translate easily for men. First, I would always recommend going online or flipping through a magazine to find the look that you're after. Then go through EVERYTHING in your closet. Literally pull everything out. Anything that... Continue Reading →

KCFW Recap

I could not have been more impressed with the Spring/Summer 2020 collections shown this week in Kansas City! The level of talent displaced is so inspiring! Last night's final show including some truly incredible designers including Lucia's Sarto, Georgina Herrera, and (my new favorite) Any Old Iron. Check out all of Saturday's designers below: Dillard's... Continue Reading →

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