Fab Fit Fun Fall 2019 Box!

This is so FUN! (It’s in the name after all). The box comes to you 4 times per year packed with hundreds of dollars in amazing products that you’re sure to love. The 2019 Fall Box even has a Kate Spade lunch bag!

Plus, you can use my discount code AUTUMN10 for $10 off your first box!

LEADERS IN HEELS stationery to nurture, inspire and empower women

3 thoughts on “Fab Fit Fun Fall 2019 Box!

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  1. I just received my first Fab Fit Fun Box. It looks exciting, but unfortunately I cannot read any of the directions on the treasures within. The writing is so small I can’t tell if I’m to spread it on my skin, put it in my hair or drink it. Tomorrow I will be going out to purchase a magnifying glass and hope the magnifies the writing enough to be better able to tell, but oh, so disappointing.

  2. I cant tell if my order went through did mot let me finish i got to where i choose to up grade ot not so hit no thanks and then came term and condtions and got stuck there

    1. You should get a confirmation email from them if it did go through properly. Otherwise, your browser may have stalled midway though.

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