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  1. I just received my first Fab Fit Fun Box. It looks exciting, but unfortunately I cannot read any of the directions on the treasures within. The writing is so small I can’t tell if I’m to spread it on my skin, put it in my hair or drink it. Tomorrow I will be going out to purchase a magnifying glass and hope the magnifies the writing enough to be better able to tell, but oh, so disappointing.

  2. I cant tell if my order went through did mot let me finish i got to where i choose to up grade ot not so hit no thanks and then came term and condtions and got stuck there

    1. You should get a confirmation email from them if it did go through properly. Otherwise, your browser may have stalled midway though.

  3. Unless they’ve vastly improved in the last ~3 years, lucky brand jeans, while great quality, are not keeping up with the denim game. I gave up on them years ago. They’re not adding in great flex like many other retailers are and their jeans are just not very comfortable and don’t move with you. Go for a Levi (the ones Target carries are pretty great) or American Eagle. Both can be found at a similar price point (Levi’s run around that price, American Eagle you can almost always get BOGO 50% off). Levi’s have a great classic cuts and washes, American Eagle dabbles a lot in washes that are super trendy and aren’t always great, but they always have washes that are classic as well and have a variety of fit to work with many styles and body types.

  4. I ordered the fall box but now it looks like I don’t have an account. Can you check. I have been trying to log on and it says no account

    1. Hi! You will want to go to the FabFitFun website and reach out to their customer service group. I’m not an employee of their company and wouldn’t be able to assist.

  5. I have been waiting and waiting to be able to customize my box. The count down finally ended and now all of a sudden the site is down????? I am so aggravated because I have been so excited just to be slapped in the face.

    1. That stinks! I bet they had so many people in the same boat that it crashed the site. I would guess they will have more opportunities to still customize!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience. I can 100% relate and sincerely appreciate knowing I’m not alone… as much as I do not wish anxiety of any kind on anyone!

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