How To Dress Like Meghan

Even before her days as a royal, Meghan Markle was inspiring with her simple, classic sense of style. From her days playing Rachel on Suits, Meghan developed a reputation for great looks using clean lines and colors that could work on nearly anyone. Her style was and is that one word we all want to... Continue Reading →

About Last Night…

Being back in Kansas City with friends and family has positively impacted both mine and my husband's lives and well-beings tremendously. Living in Texas was an amazing adventure that made us realize how much life there is to live and how much exploring you can do in the city you live in. Austin, TX gave... Continue Reading →

Men’s Wardrobe-Building Simplified

I really think a lot of the same things I post for women in terms of building a wardrobe translate easily for men. First, I would always recommend going online or flipping through a magazine to find the look that you're after. Then go through EVERYTHING in your closet. Literally pull everything out. Anything that... Continue Reading →

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