Summer Sales

The Summer of Sales!

June is a great time to shop semi-annual sales. Everywhere you look there is a sale in full swing. Here are some of the top deals to take advantage of this summer:

  1. Coach – Their semi-annual sale varies year-to-year, but is going on now! Click here to shop now.
  2. Saks Fifth Avenue – Great deals on designer bags! For those of us that can’t always swing a huge investment bag purchase, this is a perfect way to get a classic or even a statement bag that is built to last. Shop the Saks sale here.
  3. Victoria’s Secret – Let’s be honest. We all hit this one. Victoria, here we come!
  4. Nordstrom – This is one of the best sales to check out this summer, but it doesn’t start until July. This year, early access begins July 12th, 2018! Get ready!
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